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Het meer van Bagendit. Lake Bagendit, Java..jpg

The Javanese photographer Kassian Cephas, (Yogyakarta, 1845 – 1912)

He mainly photographed at the court of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. He also did landscapes and the Borobodur and was committed to preserve the Javanese heritage.



The Armenian photographer Ohannes (Onnes) Kurkdjian (Yerevan 1851 – Surabaya 1903)

He had his own photo agency in Surabaya:  O.Kurkdjian & Co. with 30 employees.



Thilly Weissenborn (Kediri 1889 – Baarn 1964)

The first female professional photographer in the Dutch East Indies. She started her career at the photo agency of Onnes Kurkdjian.

In 1920, Thilly Weissenborn became the owner of studio Lux in Garut, Java



Yau San. It is not known which photo agency he worked for.

He was probably a photographer from Manado, North Sulawesi (formerly Celebes)

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