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Vrouwen op het strand. Women on the beac

Women on the beach


Photographer  Onnes Kurkdjian ca. 1912


A relaxing moment on the beach in the twilight.

Javaanse prinsjes en prinses. Javanese r

Javanese royal children


Photographer Kassian Cephas, photo taken in 1870


Princes and princess of the Kraton

(the Sultan"s palace) in Yogyakarta

Javaanse prinsjes en prinses. Javanese r
Het meer van Bagendit. Lake Bagendit, Ja
Het meer van Bagendit. Lake Bagendit, Ja

Lake Bagendit    


Photographer  Onnes Kurkdjian photo taken in 1902


Even today, exactly the same boats are used to enjoy a picnic on a day off. Only now it is the Indonesians who enjoy such a boatride. Lake Bagendit is located east of Bandung.

Bokkenwagen. Goat wagon 1.jpg
Bokkenwagen. Goat wagon originally.jpg

Goat wagon  


Photographer unknown, photo taken ca. 1916 

A happy moment. The goat wagon is probably new and the employee in his neat ''djas toetoep'' (high-necked white jacket) and the child seem very happy.

Hotel des Indes  met copyright.jpg
Hotel des Indes origineel voor website.j


      Hotel des Indes 1910         


Photographer unknown.


The hotel had a good reputation with international travelers visiting The Dutch East Indies. The well-known anthropologist and biologist Thomas Russell Wallace stayed there in 1869 and was excited. The rice table was famous in Hotel des Indes.

Automobiel Jacob Nienhuys tabaksplanter.
Automobiel Jacob Nienhuys tabaksplanter.

Automobile Jacob Nienhuys    


Photographer and year unknown.

Group portrait with planters, including Jacob Nienhuys, at the Tandjong Morawa tobacco plantation of the Senembah Maatschappij

Jacob Nienhuys (1836-1927) was the first Dutch tobacco planter in the former Dutch East Indies where he arrived in 1863. In 1869 he was the founder of the Deli Maatschappij and the Dutch tobacco culture on Sumatra's East Coast.

6 vriendjes, 6 little friends.jpg
6 vriendjes. 6 little friends.jpg

Six little friends     


Photographer and year unknown



De vlag. The flag..jpg
De vlag. The flag originally.jpg

The flag 


Photographer and year unknown

That Dutch flag on a tropical island……. . The man in the middle sitting on a chair is probably a local senior official. This photo was taken on the island Alor located east of the island Flores.

Krijgers. Warriors..jpg
Krijgers. Warriors originally.jpg

Hunters from Alor      


photographer unknown, ca. 1895


Hunters armed with arrows and  bows. The island Alor is located east of the island Flores.

2 jonge jagers, Kalimantan. 2 Young hunt
2 jonge jagers, Kalimantan. 2 young hunt

Two young hunters, Kalimantan.


Photographer unknown ca. 1910


Two boys from the Embalu-Dajak, Kalimantan (Borneo), The tallest boy would later join an expedition to


Vulkaan bij een meer. Volcano by a lake.
Vulkaan bij een meer. Volcano by a lake,

Volcano by a lake


Photographer Onnes Kurkdjian    ca. 1910


At dawn, young girls do their laundry in a lake with a volcano in the background.

Fruitverkoper en nyonya. Fruit seller an
Fruitverkoper en nyonya. Fruit seller an


Fruit seller and Nyonya. (Mrs.) 


Photographer unknown,  Buitenzorg (Bogor) 

ca. 1915

A daily scene in colonial times. Nyonya wears a sarong and kebaya (long skirt and a women's long-sleeved blouse.)

Hotel der Nederlanden. Hotel of the Neth
Hotel der Nederlanden. Hotel of the Neth


Hotel der Nederlanden  (Hotel of the Netherlands) 

                                      Photographer and year unknown

Batavia (nowadays Jakarta)  In 1794 bought Pieter Tenzy a piece of land and built his house. In the period 1811-1815 it became the residence of Lieutenant Governor General Thomas Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore. After various name changes and renovations, it was called Hotel der Nederlanden, which was demolished in 1969

Het restaurant. The restaurant..jpg
Het restaurant. The reastaurant. origina

The restaurant of the Hotel der Nederlanden      Photographer and year unknown.

  2 men dining and 14 people serving the rice table.

In 1906, the Dutch architect Pieter Moojen designed, including the interior, the dining room with more than 200 seats. In addition to the normal hotel facilities, the hotel organized dance and music evenings.

Een jongetje. A boy..jpg
Een jongetje. A boy. originally.jpg

A little boy   


photographer and year unknown

een meisje. A girl..jpg
een meisje. A girl. originally.jpg

A little girl   


photographer and year unknown

I Gusti Bagus Jelantik, Raja van Karanga
I Gusti Bagus Jelantik, Raja van Karanga

I Gusti Bagus Jelantik     


Picture taken by  Thilly Weissenborn in 1923


The Raja of Karangasem (eastern part of Bali)

And the father of docter Made Djelantik (Jelantik)

Baboe en kinderen. Babu and children.jpg
Baboe en kinderen. Babu and children. or




Babu and children


  Photographer Yau San


photo taken in 1930

Manado: The babu (nanny) and the children Eduard and Lenie Nunes.

Baboe en kinderen. Babu and children (2)
Tibetaanse monniken. Tibetan monks.jpg
Tibetaanse monniken. Tibetan monks orig.

                Tibetan monks     


Photographer unknown. ca 1900

De kameel. The camel..jpg
De kameel. The camel originally.jpg

The camel , Tibet    ca. 1900  

Photographer unknown

Paard en wagentje Tibet. Carriage with h
Paard en wagentje, Tibet. Carriage with

Carriage with horse in Tibet

Maybe in Lhasa?

Photographer unknown,  ca. 1900

Het schoenmakertje. The little shoemaker
Het schoenmakertje. The little shoemaker

The little shoemaker     


Photographer and year unknown..


Also unknown where this photo was taken.

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