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Vrouwen op het strand. Women on the beach.jpg

Why just photos of Indonesia and Asia?


Images from that part of the world really appeal to me, especially photos taken in Indonesia. Many Dutch people, and that includes me, feel a bond with Indonesia because of the past:

My family in-law, 1st generation Indo, still spent their youth in the Dutch East Indies.

 The warmth of a strong family bond and delicious Indionesian food is one of the heritages of the Indonesian culture.

Travel, love and beauty.

 I could not have imagined beforehand that the friendliness of the people and the overwhelming nature, would make such a big impression on me.The many travels in Indonesia that followed made me more and more interested in Indonesian culture, history and the Indonesian language.

Since 1996 I enjoy teaching Bahasa Indonesia.

















Years ago I started restoring these photos. Such old photos are of course affected by time and sometimes even parts of a photo have disappeared.

By also adding color, the photos seem more contemporary and come to life again.

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