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From Javanese princes to hunters on Alor.

You can now hang all these photos on the wall.

Javaanse prinsjes en prinses. Javanese r
Het meer van Bagendit. Lake Bagendit, Ja
Fruitverkoper en nyonya. Fruit seller an

Old photos from Asia, mainly from the Dutch East Indies


Do you like the old photos from the past?

You can buy these photos in any size!


Carefully restored, very old photos (some 150 years old)

and brought alife with color



Photos from Asia and the Dutch East Indies


On this website you will find historical photographs from Asia.  Most of them are made in the former Dutch East Indies, that evoke nostalgic feelings by many people.


The world has changed as it was 100 years ago. Then Indonesia was still a colony of the Netherlands. Nowadays we are very critical about our colonial past. Yet many photos from that period show that there were also beautiful and happy moments.


 ''Tempo Doeloe'' (the good old days) with all its mysteries, secrets, tropical sounds in the night………………

Can you long for a time and place you’ve never been?



Photos do tell a story

A photo is a frozen moment in time, but nothing or very little is known about most of the photos and we wonder:


. Who were the people in the photograph?

. How was their life?

. And where was the photo taken and by whom?

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